Man Questions Own Parenting Skills After Adult Daughter Disparages The Who

The Who
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<Mundleline, IL> – A Mundleline man today is questioning his own parenting skills after hearing his adult daughter criticize the famous rock band, The Who. Ralph Ford, 55, once believed his mentoring had provided his daughter Cindy with a lifetime love for the English Mod-rockers.

“Their songs are basic and the musicianship is so sloppy,” retorts Ralph’s daughter, Cindy, 33, when questioned about her opinion of the Who. “The lyrics lack imagination and no one in the band is sexy at all.”

All of this bothers her father, who had tried repeatedly to expose his daughter to the “diverse musicality” of ‘Quadrophenia’ and the “classic song craftsmanship” of ‘Tommy’, the band’s influential rock opera. Ralph explains, “She told me to my face that Pete Townshend looks like an ostrich. Then she mocked his windmill guitar style calling it a ‘tired gimmick.'”

Preferring old-school rap and 80’s electronica, Cindy merely scoffs at her father’s attempts to get her to like The Who and questions why he tries so hard. “I hate that band,” she explains, “When ‘Who Are You’ comes on the radio, I have to change it. I hate that song.”

Nothing about the Who has ever been positively received by Cindy. Neither the riff-driven live album, “Live at Leeds” nor “Who’s Next,” the band’s top selling album have created any reaction other than ridicule or outright disgust. “All she does is listen to that 80’s shit,” Ralph grumbles, although he finds slight refuge in the fact that, “at least she likes Zeppelin.”

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