Non-economist Predicts FU Shaped Recovery


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic economists pull from the alphabet letters to predict how the American economy will recover from the 2020 recession in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and unemployment levels.

Dan Clayton’s FU model has joined the national conversation.  According to Mr. Clayton who minored in economics from the University of Miami, “I don’t know any more than them whether our recovery will be a V, U, L, W, or doesn’t fit conveniently into a shape at all.  My FU curve is a lagging indicator that pulls from broad national observations.  Rather than extrapolating trend analysis built from historical recessions, my FU analysis focuses on a snapshot of where society is today.  Pandemics shouldn’t be viewed as normal recessions.  I propose the shape of this economic recovery is dependent on societies collective reaction.”

To economists in comfortable office chairs in front of tasteful book collection prepping new spin for the media interview…FU, that’s the curve.

To hedge fund managers that care only about how the curve impacts equity markets without regard for human suffering…FU, that’s the curve.

To white collar teleworkers only concerned when their 401K dips…FU, that’s the curve.

To millennials in their 30’s, that blame boomers for losing their job…FU, that’s the curve.

To politician campaign managers gauging swing state voters…FU, that’s the curve.

To those that refuse to wear a mask in Walmart and never heard of GDP…FU, ironically you are the curve.

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